STOCK by Omega

Designed in Nashville. Made in Tennessee.

WELCOME TO Your new favorite t-shirt.

We are a new line of t-shirt blanks, by new we mean fresh, by fresh we mean t-shirts you've never seen before!  We are not re-inventing the t-shirt just the way they fit, the way they feel and the way they're made. Ok, so maybe we are re-inventing it after all!  We set out to create a line of t-shirts that filled missing gaps in the market by creating a more fashionable and every day line of silhouettes.  We wanted to solve problems constantly facing the t-shirts industry by using care when choosing our thread to ensure our hems won't bust.  We also knew we had to make something that we wanted to wear every single day and this meant changing the way t-shirt sizing works especially for women.  A size large is NOT a 6, we created sizing that is true to women bodies and will make you feel great about purchasing and wearing our tee's.

From your basic crew neck tee to a fashionable cut tee we have you and your customers covered! 


Made in Tennessee

Each of our shirts is made in our manufacturing facility in Smithville, Tennessee.  Our Smithville plant has been up and operating since the late 1940's under a few different owners and different names but in 1994 it became Omega Apparel and began our legacy of producing high volume pieces for the US Military.  We are proud of our state and proud to say that every single product we produce is Made in TN! 

Online Fulfillment

Should you wish us to we can manage the fulfillment of every order in-house, insuring products are shipped efficiently to your customers. In addition, we are able to handle all the details surrounding your store, including inventory management, customer service, and returns.

Customized Silhouettes

We help you create the right product for your audience by customizing our existing catalogue of private-label t-shirts, with rapid production turnaround.  All of our customized silhouettes are also Made in Tennessee and can be as simple as a combination of your favorite parts of other t-shirts or a new design that you have in mind.  We're here to help you create your perfect t-shirt!